Ogni Altro Suono 2023 – Dean M Roberts

Ogni Altro Suono 2023

Sound from the Expanded South

“Roberts is known as one of New Zealand’s leading practitioners in the field of contemporary music, practicing since the mid 1990s to present, He has produced a number of albums and works to critical acclaim. With releases on European labels Staubgold, Mille Plateaux in Europe – Kranky and Erstwhile Records in the USA are regarded as touchstones of contemporary experimental music. Weaving elements of rock, electro-acoustic, minimalism and free improvisation into unusually affecting song cycles that sound equally avant-futuristic and hauntingly ancient, like ghost of songs past.He is an artist whose mercurial presence has manifested across the full spectrum of avant-praxis kicking off with his early NZ improv/drone group Thela and work under the White Winged Moth alias. He performed and recorded regularly as a member of the group Tower Recordings and working in Europe with musicians Werner Dafeldecker, Martin Brandlmayr, Chris Abrahams and Valerio Tricoli he created 3 albums which are timeless majestic examples of the possibility of experimental sound.” Ogni Altro Suono 2023 progetto multidisciplinare di performance musicali prodotto da Ramdom con la Direzione artistica di Donato Epiro con il sostegno del Ministero della Cultura.